The first love of pop romeo Justin Timberlake took his virginity at the tender age of 15, and claims he was the "perfect" lover.

DANIELLE DITTO met the CRY ME A RIVER singer in their home town of Millington, Tennessee, America when they were 14 years old.

Danielle, now 23, says, "I was a virgin and so was Justin. Of course, the first time was very scary and kind of awkward.

"But when you do something like that with someone you love, it's incomparable.

"Justin was the perfect guy for it. He is sweet, gentle and thoughtful. It was almost like he was trained to be the perfect gentleman."

But the young couple's parents weren't keen about their relationship - especially after Justin's mother LYNN caught them in bed together.

Danielle says, "She knew what we would be doing. We weren't actually having sex but it was obvious what was going on.

"Our families broke us up. It was terrible. We still tried to see each other when Justin came back to Millington. He would have to sneak to a friend's house and I would hide behind a car."

Timberlake famously dated fellow pop star BRITNEY SPEARS - who also slept with Justin despite promising to remain a virgin until she married - before they acrimoniously split last year (02).

29/09/2003 13:54