Pop hunk Justin Timberlake made his grandparents cry tears of pride during one of his acceptance speeches at the MTV Video Music Awards.

ROCK YOUR BODY singer Timberlake, 22, picked up three awards at the New York ceremony on 28 August (03), and during one of his speeches he credited his grandfather BILL BOMAR for raising him on country star Johnny Cash's music.

As ailing Bill and his wife SADIE watched the show live from their home in Millington, Tennessee, they couldn't help but get emotional after the high-profile mention.

Sadie says of her husband, "He sat in his chair with tears streaming down his eyes. He said, 'I just love that boy so much.'"

Once he got backstage, Timberlake called his grandparents. Sadie continues, "We told him how proud we were and how much we loved him. He said, 'Thank you Granny and Poppa. I love you too. You mean the world to me.'"

04/09/2003 09:24