Justin Timberlake struggles to control his hair.

The singer-and-actor - who has naturally curly locks -tries not to use too many products in his hair because they don't control it.

He told Britain's Glamour magazine: ''I'm low maintenance all the way. It doesn't take me long. I find the more stuff I put in my hair, the more it sort of fights it. And I don't wash my hair a lot to be honest because I noticed it damages my hair more.''

Justin also isn't a fan of overpowering aftershaves and prefers the ''just out of the shower smell''.

He said: ''Call me crazy, call me weird but I like the smell of beer. I don't think men should overdo their aura or let people smell you before you walk into a room. I like a fresh out of the shower smell.

''I don't like smelling like flowers.''

Justin also revealed he doesn't have any modern day fashion icons and instead prefers the style of past icons.

He said: ''Frank Sinatra or early Elvis Presley. Not the rhinestone-onesie Elvis, the cool blue-suede-shoes Elvis.''