Justin Timberlake still shudders when he recalls his performance at a Toronto, Canada benefit concert organised by Mick Jagger - because he was pelted with beer cans by unhappy rock fans.
The Rolling Stones personally invited the Cry Me a River singer and his band to take the stage at the 2003 show - but his rendition of Miss You did not go down well with concertgoers.
He tells Playboy, "That was terrible. I mean, I got beer cans thrown at me the whole f**king day. That was the most humiliated I ever felt as a musician.
"Imagine, you get a call from Mick Jagger: 'I'd really like you to come and do the Stars for Sars benefit.' You say, 'Of course'. Then you get there and the bill is the Stones, AC DC, the Guess Who.
"I said, 'Is there no one else here in my genre? This could be bad.'
"I remember saying to my band, 'Hey, guys, I don't know what's going to happen, so just brace yourselves.' And it was worse than I expected. My set was four songs, 15 minutes, and it was literally raining beer cans and glass bottles the whole time from 500,000 people who wanted to see Ac Dc and not my sorry a**."