Ok, so this year's SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas, featured intimate performances from the likes of Prince, Justin Timberlake, the Sound City Players, Depeche Mode, Nick Cave, Green Day and Kendrick Lamar, though one memorable moment from 2013 appears to be making all the headlines. "Drunk bully gets knocked out" is a video that began pulling in the YouTube views midway through the festival, after one attendee captured an incident on the Austin streets on a smartphone. Of course, we don't condone violence, but isn't there something sweet about seeing a drunken bully stumble around hitting innocent bystanders, only to be given a taste of his own medicine? Sure there is.

After reading the video title, you just know what's going to happen. The only thing left to do is try and guess which of the SXSW festivalgoers gives the drunken bully a face full of fist before it actually happens. Eagle eyed watchers will have spotted the guy with the grey t-shirt asking his friend whether he has his back, around 10 seconds into the video. From there, he plans the whole thing out, waits for his moment, and BOOM. 

The Reddit comments on the video are worth a read in themselves. "His buddy is smart. He says, you knocked him the f*ck out, now let's not get arrested," one user said. "It's great watching the friend's facial expression change. He goes from laughing at the whole thing, then his friend taps him, and he gets this grim look on his face like "sh*t about to happen," another said.

So that's it for another year of SXSW, though in the end, not even the returning Prince could outshine the bully who got knocked out. 

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