Justin Timberlake

A week in music videos... It may have received bad press recently what with the video being banned from YouTube for its nude content and such, but Justin Timberlake's new song 'Tunnel Vision' is a pretty smooth R&B track and it's not like we didn't expect from rude bits from JT; he's been talking about getting girls naked since 2002's 'Justified'! All that aside, it's what we wanted from his number one third album 'The 20/20 Experience'. Plus, it's consistent - another great track after 'Suit & Tie' and 'Mirrors'. Check out the video for yourself.

Mayer Hawthorne will soon return with his fourth album 'Where Does This Door Go' and, if it's anything like the music video to his latest track 'Her Favorite Song', it will be full of surprises. The track may be a serious mix of the melancholic and ambient, but he contrasts this by having canines run the club in this clip - and we think a bit of comedy is the best pick-me-up for a fledgling music career. Watch Mayer Hawthorne's 'Her Favorite Song' video.

After appearances at the likes of Coachella, Lollapalooza, 'The Late Show with David Letterman' and the Austin City Limits Music Festival, it's safe to say Brad Oberhofer and his band are developing a devoted fanbase at a speedy pace. His promising debut album 'Time Capsules II' was a promising offering that was only excelled by his 2013 EP 'Notalgia'. Personally, with tunes as upbeat and catchy as 'Together/Never', we can't wait for his sophomore full-length effort. Watch Oberhofer's 'Together/Never' video.

Okay, so it's about money, fame and women but Tinie Tempah has proved to be anything but a generic rapper with his latest track 'Trampoline'. The transition to a second album is always hard, particularly after his immense electronic/rap/dance/calypso debut that was UK number one 'Disc-Overy', but we definitely have high expectations for his sophomore 'Demonstration', due out in September, and can assure you that we will definitely be 'jumping' and 'shaking' with his new offering. Take a listen to the track featuring 2Chainz.

Editors - The Weight of Your Love

Albums of the week... It's been a good four years since their last album 'In This Light and on This Evening', but Editors have had quite the complicated transition recently what with the departure of guitarist Chris Urbanowicz due to a change in musical direction and the signing to a brand new label, PIAS Records. They've definitely picked themselves up though with two new band members and a brilliant fourth album entitled 'The Weight Of Your Love' which we think was worth the wait. 'It's a strong effort that benefits from the personnel changes', said our critic Jim Pusey. 'Fans of their first two albums will certainly find much to enjoy here.' Read the full review here.

Dinosaur Pile-Up are another band that have caught our eye this week with their new album 'Nature Nurture'. We thought we were getting some major new pop direction with their new single 'Derail' but they haven't completely abandoned the formulas that made them so great to begin with. It's a brilliant album for the summer with big anthems and thrilling tunes that just scream fun all the way through. They're definitely up for experimentation but they won't be losing their old fans anytime soon. Reviewer Ben Walton reckoned, 'The sky is the limit for Dinosaur Pile-Up and only time will tell what they are capable of creating.' Read the full review here.

Rival Sons

In the news... There's nothing like being recognised by your hero for your talents and Rival Sons have certainly landed some luck in that department. They will play a series of dates around the US over the coming weeks with some of them being support slots for the Red Rocker Sammy Hagar, who, following the release of their worldwide charting album 'Head Down', said, 'These guys are the real thing.' Read the full story here.

Elsewhere, Aussie electronic band Midnight Juggernauts will be releasing their new album 'Uncanny Valley', on July 22nd 2013 after a lengthy time-off period following their world tour in 2010. They've certainly been busy though and now reveal an album that's a mix of the futuristic, the psychedelic and the tribal if the Turkish Prison Dub remix of their track 'Memorium' is anything to go by. Read the full story here.

Babyshambles are back with a new album entitled 'Sequel To The Prequel'. They will also be embarking on a 20-date UK tour this Autumn and release their album's first single 'Nothing Comes To Nothing' towards the end of August. We may not have seen hide nor hair of them for a good six years, but singer Pete Doherty insists, 'Babyshambles aren't back, this band has always been here.' Read the full story here.