Now that The Leftovers is on its second episode, it’s time to proceed with the (very spoilery) recap f this episode’s key events. In the second episode, Penguin 1, Us Zero, we begin to see that Police Chief Kevin Garvey (Justin Theroux, might be more than a little unhinged. Judging by his collection of pill bottles and his erratic behavior, which has led all of Mapleton to suspect him for the recent spree of dog murders, Kevin can’t really be trusted, no more than anyone else in this shady town.

Justin Theroux
Justin Theroux - is police chief Garvey completely out of it now?

Meanwhile, things get heated at Wayne Gilchrest Jr. aka Holly Wayne’s camp. Wayne has been convicted of statutory rape before, due to his penchant for teenage girls. But that was back in Philadelphia. Here in Mapleton, he’s made a name for himself since the departure – as the guy who can “hug the pain out of people.” He’s also doing his thing with underage girls though, so when the FBI storm his ranch on an anonymous tip, we know this was a long time coming. The agents shoot at everyone, who isn’t a teenage girl.

One of them corners Christine (the girl Tom gave the gummy worms to in the premiere), and demands she tell him where Wayne is. Tom quickly comes to her rescue, shooting the man. “I’m sorry. She’s important,” he tells the dying man. Tom grabs Christine and they run for it.

Meanwhile, Laurie begins Meg’s training, as prom.ised, which at this stage just involves hacking at a tree with an axe.

After passing preacher Matt (Christopher Eccleston), who is handing out more fliers suggesting the departed weren’t special, Jill stumbles her way through the coffee shop, tripping over the purse of Heroes Day speaker Nora (who lost her whole family that day). As the bag spills open, Jill spots a handgun inside, and tells Aimee (Emily Meade) about it once the teens take a seat. The girls watch Nora (intentionally) knock her cup over, breaking it on the floor. Initially angry, the barista takes pity on poor Nora. Jill and Aimee smell a rat though, so with the help of the twins, Scott and Adam, they decide to follow her. When she lands at the Pattersons, about to harass… sorry, question them about their son. You know, standard stuff, like the number of his sexual partners, or whether he speaks more than one language. The Pattersons, clearly uncomfortable, reveal that their son has Down’s, but Nora continues her relentless questioning anyway.

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Tom, meanwhile, finds himself on a mission, as Wayne tells him about the police raid. “They didn’t come to arrest me. They open fired before they even got to the house.” So Wayne, who knows it was Tom, who rescued Christine, gives him a mission: protect the girl. So he unloads a gun and a wad of cash on Tom and heads off on his merry way. Of this episode’s key events