Justin Theroux has ''drunken tattoo nights'' with Scott Campbell.

The 42-year-old actor, who has a number of inkings across his body, has etched a few designs on the famous artist in the past but he admits he was under the influence of alcohol, so the artwork didn't go according to plan.

Speaking to Vanity Fair magazine, he explained: ''We became friends first, and then we had a couple drunken tattoo nights. And I've tattooed him, too, by the way ...

''I've done a bunch of them. I did a really great wolf's head. I did an amazing skull and crossbones. I did a stunning yin-yang on him. I messed every single one of them up. But he kind of likes it. I did a yin-yang, which is probably one of the worst yin-yangs. We laughed so hard. It might be one of the worst yin-yangs ever made. A little bit egg-shaped.''

The hunky star's tattoos are plastered across his back and legs, but he insists he doesn't regret any of them.

He explained: ''Not one [of them I regret]. I'm riddled with them; I'm ruined with tattoos.''

Justin prefers to let Scott, who is married to Lake Bell, come up with the designs because he's got better ideas.

He added: ''I get a couple of little ideas, but I know Scott's taste is so much better than mine ... so I usually throw out a few buckshot ideas, and then let him go back to the lab and scribble out a couple of drawings ... He did my entire back, and I've never looked back. I was just, like, 'Do whatever the hell you want. You lay it out how you want.' He's got such an incredible aesthetic.''