The Leftovers star tied the knot with Jennifer Aniston in a surprise ceremony in August (15), with details about the wedding trickling through since then.

Not much has been known about the run-up to the nuptials though, with Justin now explaining he only agreed to celebrate his last moments as a single man after being nagged by talk show host Jimmy.

"(You didn't) force me... Bully (me maybe)," Justin laughed to Jimmy on his TV show. "You were emailing me all the time like, 'Dude, you've got to have a bachelor party.' I was working and I was like, 'I can't do that, I don't want to do a bachelor party,' and then when I got to L.A. you were like, 'We're doing this the night before'... I just said, 'Look, let's just get a bunch of the guys together, let's have some beers and some really good food and steaks.'

"I showed up at Jimmy's house and (his wife) Molly showed up at the door holding baby Jane. She was like, 'I'm gonna leave you guys alone, I'm gonna put Jane down.' She was going upstairs to put her to sleep, so we were all having a very quiet bachelor party because there was literally a baby upstairs sleeping."

Jimmy describes the occasion as the most subdued bachelor party ever, especially as his wife and daughter were 'in attendance', and there was another A-list star there too, but it seems the celebrations weren't enough to keep him amused.

"Billy Crudup, the actor, actually fell asleep on the couch during your bachelor party, that's how wild it got," Jimmy grinned.

Both Justin and Jennifer have gushed about how much they're enjoying life, with the Friends actress revealing shortly after the nuptials that it felt "natural".