Justin Lee Collins is reportedly “mulling over” the offer to appear in the Celebrity Big Brotherhouse. Let’s face it, it’s probably the only offer of work that he’s likely to get after he was found guilty of harassing his ex-girlfriend Anna Lark last month. Anti-abuse campaigners will undoubtedly recoil in horror at the news, which could see Collins being paid £100,000 for an appearance on the reality TV show.

Admittedly, a stint in the Big Brother house has ruined as many careers as it has saved and JLC would have to sustain a pretty angelic presence in order to overturn people’s opinions of him, after his recent conviction but even so, it hardly seems fair that Collins would land a life-changing sum of money for the opportunity to redeem himself, whilst his former partner will be dealing with the aftermath of her relationship with him. The Mirror quotes a Channel 5 source as saying “He has done wrong but he has done his community service and going on the show could be the break he needs. People will be able to see him 24/7 and see what he is really like and then make up their minds if he has changed.”

Collins was sentenced to 140 hours of unpaid work, as punishment for the abuse to which he subjected Anna Lark.