Justin Lee Collins has appeared in court, accused of domestic abuse. The Press Association report that the 38 year-old comedian and television presenter is accused of forcing his girlfriend to “recount every sexual experience she had ever had for a notebook he kept as part of a campaign of domestic abuse,” the court heard. Collins also ordered his former girlfriend Anna Larke to get rid of her DVD collection, because she “found some of the male actors in the movies to be attractive.” He is also accused of assaulting and harassing Larke during their nine-month relationship.

Collins, who is best known for fronting TV shows such as The Friday Night Project and The Justin Lee Collins Show, also insisted that Anna – also aged 38 – closed her Facebook account and Twitter profile, after he read some of the messages that she had posted. Anna and Justin met whilst Justin was still married. He moved from Bristol to Kew, where they moved in together. Prosecutor Peter Shaw said “The main part of that relationship was characterised by this defendant exerting control over her, verbally abusing her and physically assaulting her” and said that the defendant “exhibited a desire to restrict” Larke’s activities.

The most disturbing feature of the prosecutor’s case is the “Pukka Pad notebook” in which he listed “every sexual experience with every one of Ms Larke's previous lovers or partners.” Shaw added that “When Mr Collins was satisfied that Ms Larke had provided a sufficient amount of information he signified his satisfaction with the word 'Done'.” Collins is denying harassing his ex partner.