Justin Lee Collins is today at St Albans Crown Court defending himself in a trial, having been accused of domestic and emotional abuse by his ex-girlfriend Anna Larke. Transcripts of interviews he had with police are being read out in court.

The two testimonies of Collins and Larke are entirely contrasting, and Collins denies all allegations, saying "I have never hit anyone in my life." However, this seems somewhat confused with his admission that, as The Independent reports, "he had only ever slapped Ms Larke to calm her down when she was self-harming".

Ms Larke's mother's testimony yesterday fully supports Ms Larke's claims of emotional and physical abuse which included detail of his alleged request that Ms Larke write down her entire sexual history. Today, Collins refutes these comments claiming that this was her idea and that he feared for his own health. He claimed that she "arranged to meet people on the net for sex in hotels". Regardless of whether Larke or Collins is telling the truth, it is clear that their relationship was tumultuous throughout.

The Bristolian comedian found fame in Channel 4's 'The Friday Night Project'. He and his wife of 7 years, with whom he has two children, broke up three years ago and began his relationship with Larke only a matter of weeks after his marriage broke down.

The trial continues.