After 10 days at St Albans Crown Court, the jury presiding over Justin Lee Collinstrail have retired to consider a verdict.

The trail began after allegations that Collins subjected his former girlfriend Anna Larke to domestic and emotional abuse emerged, with Larke claiming that Collins made her write down all her previous sexual encounters in a notepad as well as subjecting her to other emotional trauma. Collins has countered the claims of harassment, saying that Larke was obsessive, jealous and possessive during their relationship and she would send him a “barrage” of text messages wanting to know exactly where he was and who he was with. He also denies any claims that he attacked her in any way.

Collins and Larke began their affair in 2007 when Collins was still married to the mother of his two children Karen, with the affair lasting until 2008 when they split. The pair then resumed their relationship in 2010 after his ex-wife filed for divorce from him, with the two eventually moving in together from January to July last year. Apparently their time living together was deeply troubled as Larke was a recovering alcoholic at the time, the court has heard.

Larke has accused Collins of making her leave social networking websites, sleep facing him and throw away DVDs because they starred actors she found attractive during their seven month relationships, allegations that Collins has denied. He is also accused of making death threats to her, something he also denies vehemently.