Justin Lee Collins has explained to a court that he once threatened to throw himself off of Clifton Suspension Bridge, if his ex-girlfriend Anna Larke did not end their relationship. Currently, Collins is defending himself against Larke’s allegations that he sustained a prolonged period of abuse against her whilst they were in a relationship together.

The latest developments in the trial reveal that Justin Lee Collins threatened to commit suicide by throwing himself off of Bristol’s iconic bridge. This incident allegedly happened when Collins’ former wife discovered emails that had been sent between him & Anna, whilst he was still married. He left the house and called Anna from a park close to the bridge. According to The Telegraph, he told her that he “needed to end their relationship to deal with the fallout from his marriage ending.” Justin told the court “She didn't want to hear that I was trying to end it, it wasn't what Anna wanted to hear," he said. “I said 'look I'm standing right next to Clifton suspension bridge and I feel like throwing myself off it.’ I didn't do it, I had no intention of doing so, I was trying to impress a point that this was a really emotional and stressful situation."

Collins also revealed that he was unaware of the extent of Miss Larke’s alcohol dependency issues when he started dating her. The part of the trial that grabbed the media’s attention was the allegation that he forced her to recount her sexual history, in detail, which he wrote down in a Pukka notebook. Collins insists that the revelations were made at her own insistence and that he had written the details down on a Pukka pad, with the intention of burning it when they were done. However, Miss Larke ended up keeping the notepad on a shelf in their bedroom.” The trial continues.