News of Justin Lee Collins’ domestic abuse trial continues today. BBC News report that the TV presenter is accused of pushing his girlfriend into traffic. This latest allegation comes after yesterday’s news that Anna Larke also accused him of forcing her to recount every sexual encounter she had ever had, which he wrote down in a notepad, in what was described as a ‘campaign’ of domestic abuse.

The jurors at St Albans Crown Court – consisting of nine women and three men - have now heard that Justin Lee Collins pushed Anna Larke in front of traffic, after a drinking session with his friend and fellow TV presenter Alan Carr. Collins, 38 is accused of being drunk when the incident occurred and when she was asked if Mr Carr would be able to confirm her story, she stated that he, too, had been drunk. “Justin shoved me in the back and pushed me into the traffic,” said Larke. “He was drunk. I was lucky a man stepped in to save me.”

In addition to these latest revelations from the Justin Lee Collins court case, the comic has also been accused of insisting that his former partner, also 38, close down her Twitter, Facebook and email accounts, after he had read all of the messages that she had posted. Collins has recently been appearing in the West End musical Rock of Ages; as the details of this shocking case of alleged abuse become public, Justin Lee Collins’ life in the public eye could well face an uncertain future.