Justin Hawkins was rushed to hospital after a freak accident left him with chemical burns.

The Darkness frontman and 'The Masked Singer' star has recalled how he melted his shorts to his skin after he accidentally got toxic chemicals all over himself whilst cleaning his swimming pool at his home in Switzerland.

According to The Sun newspaper, the 'More Than A Feeling' rocker said: ''There was a problem with the pool, a pump thing and some chemicals came out of it.

''I think it was a PH negative chemical to control the acidity of the pool.

''I was trying to fix it and I touched my legs and my shorts melted onto my legs, so then I had to go to hospital.''

Meanwhile, the rock star recently revealed he originally had a leaf to protect his modesty on 'The Masked Singer'.

The 45-year-old singer was revealed as the Chameleon on the first series of the UK version of the hit singing competition earlier this year, after losing to the Duck in the face off, and he attracted as much attention for the bulge in his crotch as he did for his singing.

Host Joel Dommett revealed the leaf was ditched, which is why the light-up Lyrca ensemble left very little to the imagination.

He said: ''You could see everything because there was nothing on the crotch area! Originally there was a leaf over it, in keeping with the chameleon vibe.''

The production team on the ITV show decided to leave the leaf because they thought the prop drew people's eyes to his crotch.

He added: ''Basically, they took the leaf off because it made you look at it more! So it was better to have nothing than a cartoon leaf.''

And it wasn't just the viewers at home who were impressed by Justin's package.

Before Justin was unveiled, judge Rita Ora admitted she had a bit of a crush on Chameleon and she even presented the costume lizard with a rose.

The 'Let You Love Me' singer gushed: ''I never thought I'd check out a chameleon, I'm not going to lie.

''You are one of the best performers. You literally go upside down on your head. Handstands, you're so energetic. No wonder you have that presence and I knew it and I felt it through your mask. I think you're just amazing, I really do. I've absolutely gone red, I can't do this anymore. This has blown me away, it shows me I have no idea what is even happening.''

After being eliminated from the competition, 'Growing On Me' rocker Justin admitted that although he loved his Chameleon disguise he did ''feel a little exposed'' below the waist.

He said: ''I loved my mask and I thought the lights were a brilliant touch. I was lucky to have the freedom to move my limbs around, but I did feel a little exposed in certain key areas.

''I was very pleased with the panel's observations about my physique. It was so very flattering.''