Justin Hawkins lives near a dogging destination.

The Darkness frontman - who has previously battled drug addiction - has trouble walking his dog without seeing men's penises in a public area where people go 'dogging', hooking up for casual sex.

He said: ''I rent a house next to a nature reserve and a football pitch and a beach - a wild one, where people go dogging.

''There's a lot of sex that happens in the bushes. I see men standing in them, fully erect. Great place to walk the dogs, although it's not ideal if you don't want to see men's c**ks.

Justin himself is single, and finds life out on the road with his band can be tough because he cannot speak to anyone at home.

He said: ''You miss your pets when you're away from them. When you're away on tour and you've got a girlfriend, there's always the check-in phone-call. I didn't think I'd miss that but now it's gone I sort of do. And I can't ring my dog. He's no good at Skype.''