Rocker Justin Hawkins' Hot Leg bandmates refuse to drink around the former The Darkness frontman in a bid to aid his ongoing battle with booze.
The I Believe In A Thing Called Love hitmaker gave up drugs and alcohol at the end of his tenure with The Darkness after his substance abuse became a huge problem.
Hawkins even went to rehab in a bid to get clean and now insists he's seriously sober - and his bandmates in Hot Leg want him to stay that way.
Guitarist Pete Rinaldi tells Spin magazine, "For Justin to be in a band where the rest of us are getting hammered all the time would be impossible, so we don't drink around him.
"Everyone who comes into our dressing rooms expecting a beer is rudely awakened by hummus, asparagus tips and juice."
And Hawkins insists he doesn't miss boozing: "It's like I flicked a switch. Now people who drink, I find really f**king tedious. Even if it's, like, one or two, I can smell it on you, I can hear the slight slurring of the words, and I'm like, 'Well, that's that conversation finished.'"