Hot on the heels of his collaboration with Lady Gaga, R Kelly has contributed vocals to another pop star's track, namely Justin Bieber's. Justin announced the news via Twitter, linking a Vibe article where R Kelly confirmed he and the teen idol had teamed up.

R Kelly
R Kelly Has Lent His Vocals To A New Song With Justin Bieber.

"I just did a song [with him]," R. Kelly told the magazine during a listening session for his upcoming album, Black Panties. "[Justin] just called me to do a song, and it's hot. He wanted to go and do some R&B stuff, so we got together and did that." The news comes after the success of Lady GaGa and R Kelly's single 'Do What U Want' where Kelly provided guest vocals.

However, the 46 year-old singer won't stop here: he said he's ready to team up with whoever need him. In response to being questioned regarding who he'd like to write for, he replied. "Honestly, I'm at my best one-on-one," adding, "So anybody who wants to mess with Kells, I'm on the front line for 'em."

Bieber cryptically tweeted "next week :)" which probably means that the new track or tracks will debut in the next seven days with no word on whether the collaboration will be part of Bieber's Music Mondays.

We're not surprised Justin and R Kelly teamed up: the latter is famously easy to work with, with an innate sense for a strong R&B or hip hop track. Speaking to MTV at her recent ARTRAVE event in NYC, Lady Gaga concurred "We had a great time. It was amazing. He's wonderful to work with."

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber Is The Latest To Take Advantage Of R Kelly's Instinct For A Good Song.

Unlike Justin who is presently tearing it up in South America, notching up scandals and offences wherever he goes. It all began with him being photographed emerging out of what was allegedly a brothel only to go and illegally vandalise a hotel wall - a crime punishable by up to a year in jail in Brazil. He was then evicted from a Buenos Aires hotel after his camped-out fans created untold mess, noise and destruction.

Things escalated when a girl, purported to be a prostitute, posted a film online of Justin sleeping and claimed she'd spent the night with Bieber and that they smoked weed. Justin continued to stir up controversy by kicking and sweeping away Argentinian flags that fans had thrown on to his concert stage - a crime reportedly punishable by up to four years behind bars, according to Sky News.

Justin Bieber Singing
Bieber Has Stirred Up More Trouble Than Usual In South America.

Bieber has also disappointed his legions of Beliebers by walking off the stage after being bottled and another time claiming to be suffering from food poisoning. Let's hope his R Kelly collaboration helps win his fans over as, Selena Gomez can attest, you don't want to make Beleibers angry. Brace thine ears!