The Miami judge decided to temporarily block all access of footage related to the arrest and subsequent film that was taken while Bieber was in police custody. The Miami-Dade County Judge William Altfield put a stop to 10 hours of video footage taken of the pop star until after he has had a chance to view them. 

JUSTIN BIEBER BELIEVE WORLD PREMIERE!Justin Bieber's Arrest Video Footage Unavailable  To Media Outlets

The police video footage includes images of Bieber half clothed. Video was also taken of Bieber providing a urine sample to police officials behind a low-bearing wall. 

During Thursday's hearing news related businesses such as the Miami Herald and CNN stated that the images should be released under Florida's open record law. However, Bieber's attorney, Howard Srebnick, requested the judge to withhold the videos until they can determine if anything filmed was inappropriate. 

"While in custody at the Miami Beach police station, the defendant was captured on videotape in various states of undress which show intimate personal parts of the defendant's body," the motion filed by Bieber's attorney's states.

The media outlets lawyer countered the motion to have the video withheld. The lawyer stated that potentially embarrassing footage isn't sufficient grounds to deny access to files that should be disclosed based on the Public Records Act. 

Recently footage was released of Bieber showing him disrobing so he could be patted down by a police official. Bieber was officially arrested for three DUI misdemeanor charges, resisting arrest without violence and driving with an expired license. He entered a not guilty pleas for the charges. 

JUSTIN BIEBER MUG SHOT!Media Outlets Request Access To Justin Bieber's Arrest Video