Keyshawn Johnson is selling his huge house in Thousand Oaks, Los Angeles to none other than Kourtney Kardashian. But the celebrity connections do not stop there: Justin Bieber may well be a contributing factor in Johnson's decision to move from the star studded area.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber's overly cheerful mugshot.

Bieber is, as attested in numerous reports, a neighbourhood menace. He was recently caught egging a neighbour's house near his Calabasas home and has had numerous run-ins with Johnson. On a number of occasions, Bieber was recklessly driving around the area, Johnson claimed. According to reports in , last May, Bieber nearly hit former football player Johnson's young daughter as he drove around the neighbourhood in his white Ferrari. Johnson followed Bieber home only for the singer to disappear inside his house before anything could be said. 

Bieber's poor driving cannot be denied following his arrest in Miami in the early hours of Thursday morning (23rd January). His entourage had reportedly created a drag strip for Bieber to race down by blocking off a South Beach street. After driving at double the speed limit, police arrest the 19-year-old and he was charged with driving without a valid license, drag racing and three DUI charges. It seems Bieber's ego has only been boosted by his arrest as he posted photographs on Instagram comparing himself to Michael Jackson after he was found not guilty of child-abuse charges.

Johnson revelled in the news of Bieber's arrest. Although he did not mention Bieber's name, his comments were pointed and evidently directed at the neighbourhood menace.  He wrote on Twitter: "They finally caught him! Glad no one was hurt, no kids in the street. Everyone grows up at some point. Hopefully he learns from it." He later added "The scary part is grown adults who are with him aren't protecting him from himself! All looking for a quick buck. Learning experience for all."

Despite Johnson's numerous disputes with Bieber, he claims the move had nothing to do with the 'Baby' singer, as Yahoo reports. Kardashian is moving in however and may be more comfortable with Bieber's antics, especially as she's upgrading her real estate. Her old house sold for $3.5 million and she's in the process of buying Johnson's $8.4 million home. The recently divorced reality star will be able to enjoy, as soon as the sale closes in two weeks, the 11,746 sq. ft house which includes 6 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms, as TMZ reports.