Keyshawn Johnson is still mad at Justin Bieber for his reckless driving. Not only that, but he went on record to say that Bieber was a coward for switching seats with his passenger, to avoid getting busted for his shenanigans, TMZ reports. It is unclear who was driving at the time Johnson stepped up to the vehicle, but Justin’s story also features switching seats. Only in his version, the Biebs took the wheel right before parking the car. So… wait. Who was sitting in the driver’s seat when Keyshawn confronted Bieber. And when and why did the switch happen? It’s anyone’s guess at this point.

But that’s not the only nugget of information Johnson revealed. According to him, it was Justin’s pal Lil’ Twist, not Tyler, the creator, who was in the car, as Justin’s story claims. One thing is certain though, Johnson is sticking to his guns – Justin was behind the wheel when the Ferrari roared through the quiet Calabasas gated community.

"Look man, I know the difference between a black kid driving a car and white kid driving a car ... I got biracial kids."

Speaking of his kids, Keyshawn explained that he didn’t care about Bieber or what he does – all he wants is a safe environment for his two children.

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In Johnson vs Bieber, so far it's not looking good for the pop star.