Justin Bieber was caught, or so it seems, sparking up a joint at a party. The 19-year-old was photographed smoking marijuana whilst sitting next to an Ariana Grande look-a-like. The picture, uploaded on to Instagram, became viral today (7th October) and Bieber's representatives have had to do some serious damage control.

Justin Bieber
Does Justin Bieber have a cannabis habit?

The photograph appears to show Bieber smoking cannabis whilst sitting next to his latest love interest Nickolodeon's Grande, however those close to the 'Baby' singer claim the joint was photoshopped on to the image and the girl next to Bieber was not Grande. However, TMZ's art department claim photoshopping could not be possible on such an image as "the light source seems consistent and any indicators of a doctored photo are non-existant."

If the images prove to be reliable this may not be the only time Bieber used marijuana recreationally. Indeed, he was spotted holding what appeared to be a joint in January. The photographs, also obtained by TMZ, seem to show Bieber holding a spliff at a party in Newport Beach. The quality of the photographs is poor so such evidence should not be taken as solid proof of Bieber's use of this particular drug. This does not appear to have stopped other celebrities jumping the gun and assuming (or perhaps they know the truth) about the singer's drug habits. Miley Cyrus for one, ever the role model, photographed herself in a vest top with the word 'reefer' written below an image of Justin Bieber. 

She added the caption "Fo' life", by which any person capable of speaking the English language can assume means "For Life".  Bieber may be young and experimenting however, if it truly develops into a lifelong habit, it really will be rather pathetic.

Justin BieberWas Bieber really smoking a joint or was it photoshopped in?