Justin Bieber's best friend, Lil Twist, has been named on a battery report by a woman who claims the rapper got rough with her at Bieber's Calabasas mansion when she tried to leave in the early hours of the morning. Although the 'Baby' singer wasn't home, pals were using his place to party and when a woman tried to leave, "Twist grabbed her by the arm in a forceful manner and tried to prevent her from leaving the home," according to TMZ.

Justin Bieber
"What's That Sound? Sirens?"

This isn't the first time that Bieb's tufty-haired sidekick has had a run in with the law for his reckless actions - last month he was arrested on DUI charges whilst driving Bieber's Fisker Karma well over the speed limit.

Lil Twist
Lil Twist Facing Assault Charges.

Bieber himself isn't the squeaky clean, angelic pop star he used to be but his manager Scooter Braun believes that Twist is the main culprit for leading the recalcitrant rebel astray in this past year in a series of bizarre, reckless, and illegal actions that have earned the 19 year-old a mountain of bad press. Braun, coming across as protective over the young star, has told Bieber to "Axe this loser from your life," according to reports from The Hollywood Gossip.

Lil Twist
Lil Twist Is A Bad Influence, Says Bieber's Manager.

The baby-faced star has just been involved in a tourbus sniffer dog raid on the USA/Canadian boder whereby customs officials found and seized weed and related smoking paraphernalia. Beiber, who has supposedly been seen puffing on a joint several time, came off lightly and was still able to play his show later that day.

Justin Bieber
J.B: A Fallen Angel.

2013 has been a year of late concert arrivals, pap-punching, running over paps, spitting on fans, peeing into a restaurant's mop bucket, defiling ex-president Clinton's photograph, abandoning his poor pet monkey 'Mally' in Germany, writing ill-informed messages in Amsterdam's Anne Frank house, public tantrums here, there and everywhere and - take a breath now - driving recklessly around his quiet Californian gated community with his "wild boy" buddies and striking fear into the hearts of neighbours.

Looks like somebody needs a reality check before they're spending their new year celebrations behind bars.