Justin Bieber continues his bizarre antics by seemingly urinating in a nightclub mop bucket. He appears to exit the nightclub restaurant area only after shouting profanities about Bill Clinton.

Justin BieberJustin Bieber photographed in L.A.

The video footage revealed by TMZ shows the 19-year-old standing with his back to the camera and urinating into a mop bucket. A young male narrates Bieber's actions and is not remotely embarrassed by his friend's unacceptable behaviour. 

Watch TMZ's Justin Bieber Video: 

His gang of equally irritating quasi-adults the "Wild Kidz" leaves the room; Bieber hesitates for a moment in order to swear at a poster of Bill Clinton. This is the moment when Bieber's face appears on camera as he sprays Bill Clinton with blue liquid and shouts "f*ck Bill Clinton" before heading back into the club.  

Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton was the object of Bieber's rage as he exited the makeshift 'bathroom'.

His friends proclaiming themselves the "Wild Kidz" narrate Bieber's makeshift bathroom antics and comment that his choice in relieving himself in a mop bucket is because it is "the coolest place to p*ss". 

Most people don't tend to consider bodily functions "cool", but maybe that's simply because we're not as unpleasant as dear Justin. 

This is the latest in Justin Bieber's childish antics. He appears to be heading down the slippery slope of stardom. It's hardly surprising Bieber is acting like he's omnipotent with his fans practically worshipping the ground he walks on. That or he is behaving like a typical teenage boy. There's nothing quite like perpetuating stereotypes is there?

Bieber Fans
Bieber fans outside GelreDome in Netherlands awaiting his concert.