Last week Justin Bieber almost ended up on the receiving end of a neighbourhood lynch-mob headed by none other than Keyshawn Johnson, after the singer supposedly drove his car at ridiculously dangerous speeds through his exclusive, gated Calabasas community in Los Angeles. He blamed rapper Tyler, The Creator for the driving and Tyler accepted the blame, but this doesn't exactly spell the end of things for Justin quite yet.

This weekend Tyler Tweeted that it was him driving the Ferrari at break-neck speeds through the residential area, with Justin thanking him and saying that he is used to having his name slandered by other people. But wait a minute, he may be nineteen by hasn't Biebs been taught about being responsible for your own guests, and belongings (including cars) for that matter? Ok it wasn't him driving, but he was in he car at the time and could have and should have made the Odd Future rapper slow down. Driving or not Justin isn't off the hook yet. And then we come to the conundrum of whether Tyler and Biebs are telling the truth at all, because Keyshawn and a selection of other peeved neighbours are convinced they saw a white kid driving the sports car through Calabasas.

The whole neighbourhood is getting a little bit too annoyed with Justin now, and his stunt with the Ferrari may be the last straw for a community who are believed to be ready to take action to see that Justin faces retribution for his reckless living in the family neighbourhood.

The Canadian singer should be facing charges for enabling the dangerous driving, or at least get some kind of caution, and we're sure this whole ordeal is far from over. Whilst details of police intervention or any Homeowners Association action being taken has not been revealed yet, one thing is for sure, Justin better stay out of Keyshawn's way in future.

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