Justin Bieber has broken his silence following his arrest on Thursday. The 19-year-old singer wrote on Twitter yesterday (24th January) after his arrest in the early hours of the previous day. 

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber's mugshot taken by the Miami-Dade police following his arrest.

Bieber was stopped by police on Thursday after he was discovered drag racing in a residential Miami area. He was charged with resisting arrest without violence, drag racing, three charges of DUI and driving without a valid license. He was charged and paid a bail of $2500 before being released. 

Bieber wasn't quiet for long, and within hours of his arrest posted a picture on Instagram comparing himself to Michael Jackson. The photographs, one of Bieber after he was released from the correctional centre and the other of Jackson following his acquittal from his trial relating to child abuse charges, were positioned next to one another and Bieber almost mirrors Jackson's pose, raising his hand to fans. Whether Bieber was claiming to be as talented as Jackson or simply that they were both innocent and misunderstood cannot be certain. Either way, it's a fairly bizarre response when Bieber was, without a doubt, guilty of drag racing and driving without a valid license. Sources, speaking to CNN, have alleged within the last few hours that Bieber's alcohol content was below 0.08% and thus below the legal limit in Florida. However, police claim Bieber admitted to using marijuana and taking anti-depressants on the day he was arrested. 

Bieber took to to communicate with fans for the second time since his arrest. In capitals, Bieber wrote: "You are all worthy no matter what anyone says. Be strong god is with us all. My Beliebers changed my life. I will forever be grateful." Using religion is a somewhat obvious ploy to remind his fans that deep down, under the tattoos and ridiculously oversized trousers, he really is a nice, god-fearing Canadian boy. Does that also mean god was with Bieber (maybe through his own personal hotline) when he was driving dangerously around Miami Beach? 

He later retweeted another sickeningly sentimental post from a Twitter user which read "You saved my life and every day I am grateful to you. Never change for anyone. You are an amazing kind soul." With such sycophantic comments and an entourage who overindulges Bieber at every possible opportunity, is it truly surprising he is misbehaving in every possible way?