It seems like things are well and truly back on between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez after the couple were spotted having a sneaky make out session under the guise of a laser tag game. On the 8th March, the pop star pair headed to Xtreme Lazer Tag in McAllen, Texas, where they played it cool in the open arena but soon snuck off to the dark maze zone to have a little fun, reports Hollywood Life.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber Used A Game Of Laser Tag To Get Close To Selena Gomez.

"They were kissing in the dark area!" Ruben Elias, Marketing Manager at Xtreme Lazer Tag revealed. "We have an area where the lights are off and it's filled with fog. They basically hid out in there, stopped their game of laser tag, and were locked in a full-on makeout session."

"They were playing with their bodyguards and then they stopped and had some full-on PDA," Ruben continued. "They were really enjoying each other's company and Selena was smiling from the time she walked in to the time she left. Justin was going the extra mile to make sure she was doing well."

Selena Gomez
After Seeking Help In Rehab For Emotional Issues, Selena Has Rekindled Things With Justin.

The couple have been making no secret of their rekindled love ever since they first landed in Texas on the 7th March. Not only were they getting cosy over breakfast in a café one day but were seen snuggling in a florists and had a two hour, one-on-one dance class together before Selena's show in Hidalgo. For an evening, Justin let Selena take all the attention as she performed thousands of fans. "Saw a great show last night :)" he coyly tweeted yesterday.

Both stars have had a bit of a rocky time recently so may have found love again through adversity. Selena entered rehab in the new year to combat what was reported to be exhaustion and emotional issues whereas Bieber has had numerous brushes with the law since late last year, leading to a relocation from Calabasas, California, to Atlanta, Georgia.

21 year-old Selena hasn't hidden herself since she emerged from rehab but the former Disney star announced her return to the limelight in a big way with her first post-rehab show in Texas. At last week's Oscars, she was accompanied by Justin, who tweeted a red carpet snap of the pair with the sweet caption "Most elegant princess in the world.." Let's hope it lasts a little longer this time!