Everyone remembers the teenage heartthrob that loved his mother, stood firm behind his Christian faith and sang that cute, though annoying, song about trying to keep a girl interested. However, that heartthrob has decided that his 'Baby' faced image just isn't what he wants anymore and appears to have made every effort to try and embody that badass megastar status that many young starlets so desperately crave.

Justin Bieber is failing, however. Instead, he has just about managed to act a few years younger than his 19-year-self, and succeeded in infuriating just about every non-Belieber on the planet (the fans remain firm behind him). And so, we present you a small snippet of just what Bieber's been doing to hack everyone off.

Justin Bieber in concert
He's no angel

10. He wore a gas mask around London.
Okay, so not the crime of the century but it certainly made us roll our eyes. The star was spotted skulking around London after leaving Mr. Chow's restaurant wearing a baseball cap and hood over the safety mask in what almost seemed like a bizarre and elaborate attempt to elude the paparazzi, much like Michael Jackson did with his scarves. Apparently it was an 'inside joke' - a prank he and another singer friend often pulled on paparazzi to confuse them, according to an Us Weekly source. Guess you had to be there.

Justin Bieber wears gas mask
The gas mask was a 'joke' apparently

9. He hoped Anne Frank would be a Belieber.
He took a trip to the Anne Frank Museum in the Netherlands and caused outrage when he wrote in the guestbook, 'Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber.' The rather empty comment drew plenty of criticism with many accusing him of being somewhat self-involved, managing to turn a tragic historical story into something about himself. Even a representative at the museum admitted to the BBC that it 'wasn't very sensible', though they still defended him with one spokeswoman insisting, 'It's nice that he made the effort.'

8. He was photographed smoking a joint at a party.
When you're 18-years-old and a celebrity it's likely that you will try a bit of anything that's offered to you, but the fans' reaction to TMZ's exclusive pictures of Justin smoking what looked like a blunt at a party in in Newport Beach was a little overboard. There were tears aplenty with the delicate Beliebers being subjected to a hoax online campaign called Cut For Bieber which urged fans to cut their wrists in a bid to stop Bieber from taking the drug. It could've been the hysterical reactions from fans that caused him to apologise (for once) after the incident during a 'Saturday Night Live' skit while still in character. Referring to his real life persona he said, 'He's really sorry about it. And people make mistakes. And he's never gonna do it again.' However, that was far from the last time he would be caught with a suspicious looking cigarette.

7. He showed up 2 hours late to a gig at the O2 in London.
If the weed-smoking incident didn't upset fans enough, he managed to disappoint a huge crowd of young concert goers (and their parents) after walking on stage well after his billed time. According, to workers at the venue, he was holed up in his dressing room playing computer games and refused to come out due to apparently suffering from a heavy night before. 'His attitude was, 'I'm the star and I can do what I want'', one witness told The Sun. Whatever it was that happened backstage, young Beliebers sobbed as they desperately waited around to see their idol while worrying about missing their buses and tubes home. Bieber, however, insisted on Twitter that he was actually only 40 minutes late and that it was technical difficulties that forced him to delay the show. Whatever ya say, Biebs.

Justin Bieber live at the O2
Bieber showed up late to the O2

6. He was caught speeding at 80mph down a freeway in LA.
Yep, Bieber actually endangered lives of potential Beliebers as he sped down the freeway in an alleged bid to shake off the paparazzi tailing him. You'd have thought that if he wanted to avoid media attention he would've got a less conspicuous car - or at least not spray painted it as bright as possible. Alas, he didn't and he was ultimately pulled over by cops and pressed with a ticket. One councilman, Dennis Zine, called the police on seeing him speeding and told TMZ, 'Bieber was driving like a maniac', though Bieb's long-suffering manager Scooter Braun insisted that Zine was just 'looking for a headline'. There've been several other complaints from his neighbours about his driving habits, with NFL Keyshawn Johnson apparently making an attempt to confront the star. but Bieber ran and hid. His sporting peer Eric Dickerson agreed on Twitter that he needs to 'slow his ass down'.

Justin Bieber's chrome Ferrari
Bieber's chrome Fisker

5. He lashed out at a photographer outside his London hotel.
... and that's just one of many alleged incidents of paparazzi assault he's been embroiled in over the last couple of months - though usually it involves his security team doing the dirty work.  In this incident, he was seen rushing to get into his car as photographers surrounded him, before leaping out angrily, throwing a fist (which misses) and threatening to 'beat the f*** out of' one photographer. It's just not a good look for Bieber to react that fiercely to something he should be particularly used to by now, especially after he made headlines back in 2012 when a paparazzo named Jose Osmin Hernandez Duran attempted to sue him for physical assault at a Calabasas shopping centre parking lot.

4. He sprayed graffiti on a wall in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
According to the BBC, authorities made a statement explaining that the star was charged with 'defacing a building or urban monument by graffiti or other means' after photos were published of him spray-painting the wall of an abandoned hotel. He had actually received permission to paint the walls of a sports facility not far away, but, Bieber being Bieber, he rebelled once again. Sometimes one thinks he does it on purpose.

3. He abandoned his pet Capuchin monkey Mally at a German airport.
"A monkey is for life, not just for Christmas" seems an appropriate cliché here. An adorable photo appeared on the Justin Bieber Instagram page after he purchased the young primate in Spring 2013. Inevitably, however, the monkey was seized and quarantined after he attempted to smuggle it through customs as he arrived in Germany as part of his world tour. Bieber received a large fine from the airport and allegedly still hasn't paid the further costs he incurred to care for her. Mally was subsequently re-homed after Bieber failed to present the appropriate paperwork to customs by the deadline, which suggests the star was not in possession of any legal documentation regarding her ownership. He hardly kicked up a fuss about having to abandon her though. Still, Lucky Mally.

2. He urinated in a cleaner's mop bucket at a restaurant.
Being obviously too important to use a urinal like most men, Bieber decided that he'd stop for a quick pee break as he passed through a restaurant in footage obtained by TMZ. He exited a nightclub through the eatery's kitchen but couldn't resist relieving his bladder in a mop bucket left by the cleaner. If that wasn't bad enough, he then proceeded to spray a framed portrait of for President Bill Clinton on the wall with a cleaning liquid while yelling, 'F*** Bill Clinton!' He later seemingly apologised to the politician and posted a Tweet reading, '@billclinton thanks for taking the time to talk Mr. President. Your words meant alot. #greatguy'. No word on whether or not an apology was made to the janitor who had to use the bucket the next day.

1. He egged his neighbour's house and caused thousands of dollars worth of damage.
That's the latest in the Justin Bieber Bad Behaviour saga, though he's yet to comment on the situation. In TMZ's footage, his LA neighbours allegedly filmed the star while he launched more than a dozen eggs at the house screaming, 'F*** you! I got another one for you, actually!' The attack was reported to the police and it has since been calculated that around $20,000 worth of damage was caused to the house which needs its Venetian plaster re-done and the wooden doors re-stained. The cops have since raided that star's home for eggy evidence, but all they found was his friend Lil Za and various drugs knocking about the place, leading to Za's arrest. Bieber's charge is still pending, with reports suggest he could be arrested for felony, but our eyes remain fixed on the Justin Bieber Twitter account for some show of remorse.

So there you go. That previously innocent-looking, long-haired teen idol is well on his way to jail if he continues to believe he's above the law. One can only imagine what he's got planned next.

Justin Bieber at Good Morning America
When he was young and innocent...