Residents of the gated-off Calabasas neighbourhood where teen sensation Justin Bieber lives are becoming increasingly fed up with the behaviour of the young star, so much so that some are considering taking matters into their own hands. Others though aren't so reactionary, and instead they are seeking police help for the next time the singer attempts to terrorise his neighbours.

The neighbourhood is under protection from the Home Owners' Association, and in response to Justin's recent behaviour a letter from the HOA made it's way around the Calabasas residents, addressing an unnamed 'celebrity' living in the area who has been wreaking havoc on their streets. The letter also address the time the same celebrity became involve with another un-named celebrity living in the area, with the latter the another celebrity resident over alleged dangerous driving. We assume this refers to Keyshawn Johnson's run-in with Bieber after his Ferrari joy ride. The letter doesn't mention any other occasions where Justin has been particularly intolerable, although it does make mention to 'other' and 'various' times when the singer has caused a ruckus in addition to the Keyshawn run-in.

The letter then goes on to state that, should Justin or any of his little friends be seen speeding through the exclusive community then they should call the Sheriff's Office immediately. The letter also goes on to mention that any resident who violates HOA rules are subject to disciplinary action from the HOA in the form of fines or other, more severe penalties.

Most recently, cops were called to the Calabasas neighbourhood on Friday (June 21) after reports that Justin or one of his friends was speeding through the high-end suburb once again. No word on who it was or what happened to them after police arrived. We assume they were let go.

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Justin will feel the full power of the force if he is caught speeding again

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His neighbours are getting fed up