A photograph obtained by a US entertainment website, once again, shows Justin Bieber's continuing mission to completely destroy his reputation.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber's mugshot from his arrest in Miami.

The photograph in question, obtained by TMZ, shows Bieber and his friend Khalil Sharieff licking the nipples of a stripper. The stripper was, according to reports, hired to entertain Bieber and his entourage during a party at an L.A. recording studio. 

The woman's face cannot be seen but she has mostly definitely had mammary enhancements and has a Playboy tattoo on her left hip - need I say more? Sources also suggested the stripper appeared to be old enough to be 19-year-old Bieber's mother. 

TMZ posted the photograph on their website and on Instagram. The provenance of the image has Bieber fans up in arms, claiming the picture has been manipulated and that the website is deliberately attempting to discredit their idol. After Bieber's most recent behaviour, can anyone doubt he is no longer the floppy haired, innocent boy fans first met in 2008? 

Meanwhile, Bieber is still facing charges relating to an assault on a Toronto limousine driver and will appear in court in March. Yesterday, Bieber arrived in New Jersey in order to attend the upcoming Superbowl, upon arriving his plane was immediately search and the passengers detained. TMZ reports that this was due to officials detecting a strong odour of pot coming from Bieber's chartered jet. No drugs were found on board and the passengers were released. Some reports are suggesting the authorities found an excuse to search Bieber's plane owing to his recent DUI charges in Miami. 

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber has been charged by police in both Canada and the US for various misdemeanours.