After the egging of his neighbour's house, universally despised Justin Bieber had his home raided and a number of personal belonging seized for police evidence, among them being his home computer, loads of drugs and, worst of all for Justin, his cellphone. After Bieber's iPhone was taken by the authorities, reports have emerged stating the 19-year-old is worried over what the police may find on there, and not just eggy evidence.

According to a report from E! News, who spoke with a source said to be close to the Bieber camp, the bratty Canadian star and his people are concerned that police may stumble upon some saucy pictures he has saved on his phone, pictures he'd rather the cops, or anyone else for that matter, didn't see. The source told E! that "Justin's people are really worried that [the sheriff's department] have his phone," although the source fails to mention what it is on his phone that Justin is so worried about.

A separate report from TMZ goes on to state that Justin's iPhone contains an array of sensitive information, as well as a couple of nudie pics that he doesn't want to fall into the wrong hands. Whilst cops are checking his phone for evidence connecting him to the egging incident, Justin's main concern is that he has evidence on his phone that finds him blatantly admitting to drug use. Now, without evidence to hold against him, other than the texts police might find, by law no arrest could be made on Justin for the drug references, however this isn't what is concerning Justin. Apparently he's more concerned that the information will leak out, which will seriously tarnish his reputation (it wouldn't) and his fan-base.

The phone was taken from Justin's Calabasas home early on Tuesday, 14 January, as police raided his home for evidence for his felony charge for vandalism. If police do find ample evidence linking him to the egging incident, the singer could face arrest as well as possible deportation back to Canada.

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