Justin Bieber hit New York City for some premium underage clubbing on Wednesday evening (May 29, 2013), visiting three nightclubs in a matter of hours. TMZ's cameras rolled as Bieber and his posse rolled into Avenue nightclub and then into Marquee, finishing with 1 Oak.

Of course the problem is that Bieber is only 19-years-old, with Marquee and Avenue specifically advertising a 21 and over night on Wednesday. It's possible that the both nightclubs have a license to allow minors into the club, though they chose make the evening an over 21s night. 

Bieber is probably in New York to escape the heat in Los Angeles, where Keyshawn Johnson is still after him! The pop superstar has once again been tearing through his gated community in Calabasas in a high powered Ferrari, leaving the cops to get involved. Last week, Keyshawn chased Bieber back to his mansion and tried to approach the teenager about his dangerous driving. Justin made a beeline for his house and refused to come out, while the singer's people insist he wasn't driving the Ferrari around.

Though Keyshawn insists it was the pop star behind the wheel, cops pulled over the same Ferrari just says later for speed. Justin's best buddy Lil Twist was the one driving, getting away with a warning.

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