Justin Bieber begins 2014 as he finished 2013, being a nuisance to his fellow neighbors and vandalising properties that do not belong to him.

The 19 year-old was featured heavily in tabloids towards the end of 2013 for his immature and disruptive behaviour, and it seems 'a new year, a new me' does not apply to Bieber.

The 'Love Me' singer decided to vandalise a home, by throwing eggs at a house close by, in the gated Calabasas neighbourhood near Los Angeles, in which he owns a mansion.

TMZ have obtained a video from the victim during the incident and it clearly shows an unpleasant side to Bieber.

The clip is dark but an intense exchange between the pair can be heard, the neighbor yells, "I see you. I f**king see you!"

Then Justin shouts back, "F**k you! I got another one for you, actually!"

This continues until the neighbor tells his, slightly frightened, 13 year-old daughter to phone the police.

According to the report, the L.A. County Sheriff arrived on the scene while eggs were still been thrown on the house and now Bieber is at the center of a vandalism investigation.

The incident occurred on a Thursday night (Jan 8th) and the neighbour stepped out onto his balcony on the second floor after hearing a banging noise, this is when he spotted Justin trespassing.

The investigation is only for a misdemeanour charge but after the neighbor reported $400's worth of damage, it could easily become a felony.

This isn't the first time the 'Baby' singer has had run-ins with his neighbors, Bieber angered the gated community when hosting a couple of huge house parties this past November and December.

The first wild party, which had rap legend Snoop Lion as a guest, didn't slow down and the disgruntled neighbor rang the police again at 3am, forcing a second visit by the LAPD.

And at the most recent, a 20 year-old female was found around 3am and an ambulant was dispatched but 15 minutes later it was called off, alcohol allegedly played a part in the incident.

It is never a dull moment when Bieber is around, so living next to him must be somewhat of a nightmare.

Justin Bieber
Bieber may be facing vandalism charges for the egg throwing incident