Prepare to be hit with a blast of Belieber-madness as the Justin Bieber documentary, Believe, gears up for a December release. The Jon M. Chu-directed film will detail the pop star's rise to fame as well as the media controversy that he regularly courts. Using footage of concert performances and fan frenzy, as well as candid interviews with the man himself, Chu builds up a picture of a singer grappling with an inconceivable level of fame and making plenty of mistakes along the way.

Justin Bieber Smiling
Bieber Gives Candid Interviews, Assessing The Fame He Has Acquired.

A period of two busy years has elapsed since the release of Bieber's first movie, Never Say Never, and we've seen a child star become someone who is an adult and is supposedly in control of his own fame. The past 12 months have been a particularly intense for the controversial 19 year-old who has increasingly made headlines for a range of unsavoury reasons.

Watch The 'Believe' Trailer:

It appears that Believe only dips its toe into what has been a wholly rebellious time for Bieber; the trailer shows footage just one of several altercations the star has engaged in with photographers recently. We hear the 'Baby' singer reflecting remorsefully on his aggressive actions and vowing to learn from his mistake.

Justin Bieber Believe
We've Seen A Child Star Grow Up.

 It's not clear whether Chu will probe into events that have included abandoning a pet monkey in Germany, writing an ill-conceived message in the Anne Frank house guestbook, tearing it up in South America, arriving late onstage for numerous concerts, allegedly partying with prostitutes, drunkenly urinating into a cleaning bucket, dangerous driving, spitting on fans and starting fights with paps. Then again, the ultimate goal of such a tell-all movie is to win over potential fans not garner more haters.

Part of the problem for the singer trying to gain a little more credibility in a world that largely looks upon him with derision is the scores of fans, or Beliebers as they're more commonly known, who create a crazed cacophony wherever they roam, be that in the world or on the interwebs.

Justin Bieber Pondering
Bieber Understands That He Has Made Mistakes In His Actions.

Billed as a movie that will allow fans to look behind the veil of celebrity to find out what the "real" Justin is like, Believe seemingly intends to divert the widely perceived image of a reckless and immature star. However, the kind of people who think Bieber and his music are a waste of time and space are not likely to be the ones watching the movie.

Believe will be released on the 25th December.

Justin Bieber Poster
'Believe' Will Released On Christmas Day.