Justin Bieber seems to be building up quite a rap sheet as of late, doesn't he? His latest alleged offence? Attempted robbery of a cell phone on a miniature golf course, sounds too weird to be true? Well not really when you consider the rest of Bieber’s legal history.

Justin Bieber mugshotBieber's Miami mugshot

Young Justin's first major legal run in came in July 2012 when the singer was pulled over by LAPD officers and ticketed for alleged reckless driving. The incident was said to have occurred when Bieber was trying to flee the paparazzi and his car was reportedly seen weaving in and out of traffic. The incident would end up being the first of many vehicular woes to befall Bieber over the next two years.

The following March he was accused of spitting on a neighbour after a confrontation over his alleged reckless driving in their gated community. Later another neighbour, NFL star Keyshawn Johnson, was also said to have confronted the singer and altered police over Bieber’s apparent need for speed inside the confines of their exclusive Calabasas’ community.

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But Justin’s run ins with the law are also an international affair. Last April Swedish police allegedly found marijuana on the singer’s tour bus, however no one was ever charged in connection to the incident. Then in November he found himself facing vandalism charges from Brazilian police after a video appeared of him graffitiing a wall in Rio De Janeiro. Apparently, Justin had some permission to carry out his amateur artwork, but that didn't extend to the hotel wall that he decided to leave his stamp on.

Justin Bieber in 2011A young Bieber, before the drama

While 2013 was by all accounts a difficult year for Justin, things didn't calm down as 2014 began, actually they got a lot worse. He started off the year being accusing of egging his neighbours house and causing $20,000 worth of damages. The accusation led to a raid on his Los Angeles home by police where detectives where said to have seized the singer’s mobile phone and arrested his friend rapper Lil Za on drugs possession charges.

Then, as if egg-gate wasn’t a big enough scandal, on January 23rd Justin was arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) and drag racing in Miami. He was also accused of resisting arrest after he allegedly mouthed off to officers on the scene. With his mugshot plastered all over the internet, he made a not guilty plea to the charges.

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Days later he found himself visiting police again. This time he was handing himself over to Toronto authorities in order be charged with assault, stemming from an incident with a limousine driver in December of last year. As Justin was handing himself in, 200,000 Americans where signing a petition to get him out of the country for good. The petition stated Bieber was "not only threatening the safety of our people but he is also a terrible influence on our nations youth.”

Justin BieberDoes anyone out there still 'Beliebe'?

Any shred of Justin’s wholesome image was destroyed for good in March when a leaked disposition video surface online showing Bieber with all the arrogance of youth proving to be a particularly difficult interviewee. If there where any Beliebers left now probably seemed a pretty good time to jump off the sinking ship. As for his most recent incident, it’s just another day and another headline for the star who just can’t seem to stay out of trouble.

Watch the Paps scaring Justin Bieber away: