Justin Bieber hits headlines yet again after threatening to beat up a paparazzo who seemed upset that he'd been pushed aside by the star when he was trying to snap him.

The teen pop icon is having a rough time of it in London it seems as he's become embroiled in negativity for the third time in a week. TMZ released a video of the singer leaving the Central London hotel with his bodyguards as they made to get into an awaiting SUV. Justin was so eager to avoid the paparazzi that he even pushed aside his own security team in his mad dash to the vehicle, though one photographer got particularly angry when he got shoved out of the way shouting 'That's assault!' at the security. He then went on to say, 'F*** off back to America. F****** little moron' - a comment which Justin was not going to let lie despite collapsing on stage the night before. Certainly looking a lot less ill, he jumps back out the car and has to be held back by his team as he flies into a rage screaming, 'What the f*** you say? I'll f****** beat the f*** out of you!'. The photographer appears to take him up on the challenge telling him to 'Lose your f****** bouncers' as Justin gets stuffed back in his car.

Biebs really isn't doing himself any favours at the moment. First he leaves his young fans waiting for him for two hours at the first O2 arena concert of his arrival compromising their ability to catch transport home, then he 'collapses' on stage in what looks more like he just botched his moves and now he's throwing strops at Londoners in the street. Classy.