Justin Bieber says he was not driving the Ferrari that sped through a gated community in Calabasas on Monday (May 27, 2013), allegedly endangering children playing in the area. As TMZ.com first reported, Justin is being investigated for reckless driving after reportedly racing through the streets in his high powered supercar.

Former NFL star Keyshawn Johnson was leaving a party with his young daughter and claimed Bieber flew past him at a ridiculous speeds. He chased down the 19-year-old in his Prius and blocked the driveway. Sources say Keyshawn saw Justin jump out of the Ferrari and make a beeline for the house, while multiple witnesses "clearly saw" Bieber driving the car. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department will refer the latest case to the D.A, though Bieber is already under investigation for another driving related case.

The D.A is currently debating whether to prosecute Bieber for allegedly spitting in a neighbor's face and threatening to kill him after he approached the singer about driving his Ferrari too fast through the neighbourhood. See a pattern emerging here?  The singer's people have reportedly told the D.A they have a witness who will swear under oath that Justin didn't spit. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ.com they have at least one witness who will testify that Justin did spit. This one could run and run.

Justin BieberJustin Bieber Claims He Wasn't Driving The Ferrari

Keyshawn Johnson
Keyshawn Johnson Chased Down Bieber's Ferrari In A Prius!