We’re sure it’s safe to assume that Justin Bieber had a very nice Christmas, perhaps he got some really lovely, thoughtful presents. But one thing we now know for sure Justin didn’t find under his tree this year is a private jet.

Justin BieberDon't ask Justin for a ride on the private jet just yet

The singer had posted pictures of himself on Instagram posing with the luxury aircraft, including one with the caption, “New jet for Christmas, and she's beautiful”. Another showed the singer sitting inside the plane, which he captioned, "Merry Christmas she's a beauty". 

However TMZ has now reported that the 20 year old did not actually purchase the G4 plane he was showing off, instead he simply chartered it for a Christmas flight from Canada to NYC.

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The plane is in fact for sale (if Justin really does fancy it) however it carries a pretty hefty priced tag, thought to be in the range of $60million.

Look at the lady to the left she's like wtf is going on

Een foto die is geplaatst door Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) op

But despite not getting a private jet for Christmas, Bieber has had a pretty busy festive season. As rumours of a romance between the singer and Hailey Baldwin heat up, a new video is doing the rounds on the internet which shows Bieber having an epic skateboarding fail.

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In the video Justin can be seen attempting a skateboarding trick while in NYC, however things don't quite go to plan and the platinum blonde singer then takes a nasty looking tumble.

However Bieber eventually landed the trick and luckily a fan was there to capture the moment on video. "Justin Bieber was so happy when he landed that trick like a 'fricken boss,’" read the Vine’s description, which Bieber himself later shared with his twitter followers.