Once again Justin Bieber’s behavior has observers wondering what the heck the performer is doing. While up to this point, Bieber’s antics were contained primarily offstage, it looks like his “bad boy” persona is crossing over into his performances as well. Case in point: Justin shoving a fan’s iPhone down his trousers during a concert in Newark, New Jersey this past Tuesday night. New York Daily News reported the story.

Justin Bieber, MGM Grand Garden Arena
Bieber already has a pretty colourful record, but this one deserves special mention.

To be fair to the pop star though, he was prompted to do it. When concert attendees began throwing various items onstage, the Biebs repeatedly asked the crowd to stop it. However, few people complied and one disgruntled audience member even went so far as to throw their iPhone onto the stage, in what might be some pointed commentary on modern society. Or just a Justin Bieber fan suffering from temporary insanity. Either way, the star did not react kindly.

Watch the video of Justin's iPhone stunt below.

Justin picked up the stray phone, examined it and said: "I mean I do need a new iPhone." He then proceeded to shove the expensive piece of tech down his underwear. Now, everyone has a specific place they prefer to keep their gadgets, but Justin’s is certainly one of the more unique ones. The Biebs did try the polite approach first, before implementing the extreme measure. He first asked fans to “Please refrain from throwing things onstage.”

When that didn’t work, the singer questioned his fans’ vocabulary prowess: "Refrain - do you know what refrain is? Don't throw. Are you guys going to keep throwing things on stage or should I keep performing?"

In the end he did keep performing. But not before the fan in question learned a hard lesson about heckling. Namely: don’t. Or you might never be able to use your iPhone again.

Justin Bieber, Convenience Store
Apparently, the Biebs needed a new phone.