Justin Bieber has been cleared by police over an allegation of driving into a photographer in his Ferrari.  The incident took place late on Monday (17th June 2013). It is unclear if the photographer was seriously injured although the unnamed victim was taken to hospital. Bieber claims he was not aware he had hit anyone whilst driving, according to TMZ.com.

This is not the first time Bieber has encountered trouble as a result of his poor driving. In mid-May residents of his Californian neighbourhood Calabasas complained the singer had been driving his Ferrari dangerously. According to a report made in the Guardian, the 19-year-old singer nearly hit former basketball player Keyshawn Johnson's young daughter as he drove around the neighbourhood. Johnson followed Bieber home only for the singer to disappear inside his house before anything could be said.

Bieber has been presented with an alibi for the Johnson incident as his friend Tyler The Creator came forward claiming he, and not Bieber, was driving that evening. However, he also claimed he was driving 'nicely'.

Bieber will not have prosecution for this incident as police say he was unaware of the injury he had caused. But the L.A. police department have warned the singer they will be keeping a close eye on his driving from now on.

Justin Bieber Ferrari 
Justin Bieber with passenger Selena Gomez driving in his notorious white Ferrari in L.A. 

Tyler the Creator
Tyler the Creator who claims to have been driving Bieber's car in a previous incident of dangerous driving.