He's at it again! Will there ever be a day free from Justin Bieber-related news? The 19 year-old popstar has not only marked his fall from angelic, untouchable 'Baby' singer to felonious lout on the crime rampage, but has crucified his former self whilst making sure he infuriates every single person within a million mile radius.

Justin Bieber
Bieber: Sock-Sliding His Way Into Trouble.

Cannabis and "drug paraphernalia" were found on Justin Bieber's tourbus as he and his 'wild boys' entourage made their way across the US/Canadian border. According to Sky News, the vehicle was pulled over whilst crossing the Ambassador Bridge from Windor in Canada to Detroit, Michigan in the USA. Customs officers found and seized the drugs and the related smoking paraphernalia using highly trained sniffer dogs.

Animals aren't really Bieb's best friend at the moment - his pet monkey Mally was abandoned in Germany after being found travelling without documents or having undergone medical quarantine. Instead of paying for his pet's release, the popstar headed off on tour and never looked back.

Justin Bieber
The Former Angelic 'Baby' Singer Has Fallen From Grace.

It's also not the first time drugs have been found in relation to the party-hard singer, who is an idol and role model for millions of young 'Beliebers.' Swedish police found drugs and a stun gun on Bieber's bus when he was performing in Stockholm. This seemingly hasn't affected the way his millions of defensive, aggressively passionate 'Beliebers' see the star, leaping to his defence like a swarm of brainless zombies if someone has the audacity to criticise their blonde coiffed overlord.

Look At Them! Jawless, Groaning Zombies One & All!

It's been a year of lows and lowers for the pop idol, having turned up hours late for a concert at London's O2 Arena, lashing out at one photographer, driving over another, allowing his rap friend Lil Twist to take his car for reckless joyrides, spitting on fans from a hotel balcony, urinating in a restaurant mop bucket, defiling a photo of former US President, Bill Clinton, and writing an ill-advised message in the guestbook in Amsterdam's Anne Frank house.

JB's just lucky no arrests were made this time - he played his Joe Louis Arena concert in Detroit that evening with minimal discomfort - but next time he may not be so lucky. How long will it be until someone is seriously injured or worse? It's safe to say if the young star's current trajectory continues, he'll be spending 2014 behind bars.