Justin Bieber's dog Sammy passed away last week and the 20-year-old singer, with his constant references on social media, may be heading down the same track as Miley Cyrus after she lost her own dog Floyd.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber's dog Sammy died last week.

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Bieber shared the news with his 57.8 million Twitter followers on Thursday (11th December) and simply used the hashtag #RIPSammy. On Friday Bieber also shared a picture on Instagram of Sammy as a puppy, sat in his arms. Bieber looks to be pre-teens and almost unrecognisable from the bleach blonde man we know today. Bieber added a caption to the image which reads, "R.i.p Sammy, you were the best puppy ever."

Life appears to have continued as usual for Bieber including a basketball game and time spent in the studio. However, that hasn't stopped Bieber from constantly thinking about his late dog and Bieber, tweeting yesterday, wrote how he "Can't stop thinking bout [sic] Sammy." He also uploaded a picture to Shots.com in which he is pushing out his lower lip and looking tragically into the camera. 

Bieber is not the first celebrity this year to publically mourn the loss of his pet. Notoriously Miley Cyrus underwent a very public grieving process for her dog Floyd. Floyd passed away in March and Cyrus mourned his loss by frequently crying her concerts, dedicating a number of her performances to her late pet, acquiring a Floyd tattoo and constantly referencing him on social media. 

Bieber hasn't quite reached Cyrus' level of publicising his grief yet but there's still plenty of time. 

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R.i.p Sammy ?????? you were the best puppy ever

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