Just when we thought Bieber was leaving Brazil behind, video footage has emerged of the 19-year-old singer tucked up in bed whilst a woman, possibly after a night of passion, leaves his hotel room. The girl videos Bieber, lying on his side and poses for the camera, smiling and pouting, before blowing Bieber a kiss and leaving the room.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber performing in Rio on Sunday (3rd Nov.)

The video was posted on YouTube yesterday (6th November) and is a little concerning. The film maker is Tati Neves, according to Perez Hilton, from Rio de Janeiro. Hilton has obtained images of the woman who appears as vain and vacuous as her alleged one night stand.

However, as suggestive as the video is, it seems Bieber may not have spent the night with the woman. Sources close to the singer claim the woman was not a prostitute and was simply someone who, after attending his after show party, discovered Bieber crashed out on the sofa. According to TMZ, who spoke to Bieber's entourage, the 'Baby' singer had rented a mansion outside Rio and had thrown a party with roughly fifty people attending. 

This is not the first time, during Bieber's Brazilian leg of his tour, he has been linked to prostitutes. He was photographed last week attending, what was initially thought to be, a popular brothel called Centauros. As it transpires - although who really knows- that is was not a brothel but 'a private members-only club.

Bieber may not have been remotely remorseful about his Brazilian antics, until now. Sources claim Bieber is disturbed by the video and is displeased that he now has to defend his reputation (or whatever remains of it.)

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber enjoying the nightlife in Rio after one of his concerts.