Justin Bieber has sparked rumours/fears that he will be appearing in the upcoming sequel to this years The Man of Steel, by posting an image of himself with what appears to be a script for the film on to his Instagram page. Either he's pulling an admittedly brilliant prank on Batfans across the world, or bosses at Warner Brothers have made another infuriatingly controversial casting decision for the 'Batman vs. Superman' film.

Bieber uploaded the image to his Instagram page on Friday (13 Sept.) night with the caption "#robin??" and immediately whipped up an internet storm of angered DC fans and delighted Beliebers. Comic fanboys have been left even more outraged at the apparent appointment than they were at the announcement that Ben Affleck will be playing Batman/Bruce Wayne in the film, however the picture he uploaded at least shows some potential spoilers for what we could expect from the film.

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck was a controversial choice to play Batman

The Instagram photo indicated that film is working under the title of 'Batman vs. Superman,' with the respective superhero emblems blended together at the top of the page. The script also says that the story is based on Frank Miller and Klaus Jansen's Batman: The Dark Knight Falls, the fourth chapter of the graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns. This particular comic arc tells the story of Bruce Waynes as he steps out of retirement at the age of 55 to once again fight crime, facing opposition form Gotham Police and the United States government. The fourth chapter of the story features a confrontation between now-government lackey Superman and Batman in Gotham City. Given the announcement that Affelck will be playing a "tired and weary" Batman in the upcoming film, this would make sense.

Still, this might not be the case at all and according to Variety, Justin shot a Funny or Die video earlier that day and the script could have something to do with that. This is what most comic fans will be hoping for anyway.

Justin Bieber
Is Justin the prankster prince of are Warner Bros. really that out of touch?