Justin Bieber hasn’t just been causing trouble stateside all this time. Apparently the police in his hoe country of Canada would also like a word with the pop star. On Wednesday, the 19-year-old pop star surrendered to Toronto police in connection with an assault charge. According to TV Guide, the charge was related to an incident back in December of 2013, during which Bieber and/or a member of his entourage reportedly attacked a Toronto limo driver.

Justin Bieber, Miami Police Mugshot
Justin Bieber's various offences continue with another celebrity classic: the assault.


Local law enforcement says they were called late on the night of Dec. 29, 2013 to an incident involving a limo driver at the corner of Dundas Street West and University Avenue in Toronto. The man claimed that a member of Justin’s posse attacked him, while he was ferrying the group. It is unclear whether Bieber participated directly and the names of the people with him at the time are unknown, as are any other details about the alleged crime.

 Last week, Bieber was arrested and charged with a DUI in Miami, but he was later released. For this latest incident, he is expected to receive an assault charge, a citation to appear in court at a later date and be released without bail. As for the DUI charge, Bieber is scheduled to be arraigned on Feb. 14.

Justin Bieber, Miami Police Mugshot
Instead of tour dates, the singer now has two court dates on his schedule for the coming month.