Justin Bieber has been under fire for the past 24 hours after suggesting World War II diarist Anne Frank - a girl who died at the hands of the Nazis after hiding from them for 2 years - would have been a 'belieber.' The young pop-superstar left the comment in a guest book at the Anne Frank House museum in Amsterdam, Holland, with many taking it as disrespectful. Among the critics was Ricky Gervias, who initially mocked the 19-year-old on Twitter. "I agree with Justin Bieber. Anne Frank would've loved his stuff. It's perfect for being played really really quietly so no one can hear it," he said.

The Office actor followed it up by mocking the Beliebers who had come to Justin's defence, saying, "30 million illiterate teenage girls are now crying... and asking Google 'Who is this b**ody Anne woman that Justin likes so much?" before adding, "Joan of Arc was a great girl. I hope she would have been a Gervatheist (sic)." However, after hundreds of others jumped on the bandwagon and began hurling abuse at Bieber, Gervais ended the jibes and just about hit the nail on the head. "On a serious note: I think we should remember that Bieber wasn't being nasty. He's a prat, but not evil. Just a bit gimp."

It's perhaps best to remember that, for all his idiotic tendencies and few brain cells, Bieber took time out of his schedule (on a Friday evening) to visit the museum for himself. "His comments were quite innocent," said a museum spokeswoman. "He was here for more than hour and interested in Anne Frank's life, and that for us is the most important thing." Who knows, his presence may encourage other youngsters to visit the historical site, the hiding place of Anne Frank and her family during World War II. She was eventually discovered by the Nazis and died at the notorious Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany in 1945.

So perhaps we should cut Bieber some slack? Besides, there's plenty of other things he could have been doing in Amsterdam.

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