It's a good thing that Justin Bieber wasn't at home on Tuesday, 14 January, morning as police raided his house following the alleged egging of his next door neighbour's house to find evidence linking him to the felony vandalism charge. Rather than find a factory's worth of eggs at the scene, LAPD officers found something much more illegal: lots of drugs.

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The police investigation isn't over for bratty Bieber yet

According to a report from TMZ, Bieber's Calabasas home was raided in the early hours of Tuesday morning, with police having obtained a search warrant in order to check for evidence stemming from his egg attack. As stupid as this sounds, there is actually reasoning behind the search, the main two being that police were after video evidence possibly in the Bieber homestead- with cops taking his home surveillance system with them - and checking to see if the eggs in his home match the same type used against the neighbouring house. We're not sure what evidence they found, but we do know what else they found in the house.

Initially considering the lines of dust to be cocaine, police have now determined that the drugs kept in plain sight within the house were actually MDMA, but whatever it was that police found it doesn't spell good news for Bieber's crony Lil Za. The terribly-named 'rapper' friend of Biebs was linked directly to the drugs and thrown in jail with a $20,000 bail being set.

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Police are still investigating the yolky situation

As the drugs were found during a felony raid, any charges made by police are totally warranted and even though they aren't linked to the initial investigation, cops were able to prosecute Za with full legal backing.

Whilst the police investigation continues, Bieber is keeping a low profile as he may possibly face a felony charge for the vandalism act, which could result in him being thrown in jail. As we learnt when this story first emerged, police are determined to link Biebs to the crime and see him face the consequences because they are sick of seeing him use his celebrity status to avoid legal action, as he has done in the past.

We'll keep you updated on this story as it develops.

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Could Justin Bieber be heading for prison?