Finally, after years of waiting, we can see what it might possibly look like of someone to professionally beat up Justin Bieber. Talk show host Conan O'Brien gave us this special treat - an "exclusive footage" of Justin Bieber learning (and failing) to box with undefeated five-division world champion, floyd mayweather.

The video shows Bieber taking a few lazy punches at Mayweather before the boxer takes a sudden swipe, knocking him out. After that, Mayweather punches Bieber by the ropes, punches Bieber in the middle of the ring, chases Bieber as he flees around the ring, and every time lands a knock-out punch. Finally, there are clips of Mayweather using Biebers face like a speed bag, breaking a chair over his back, wailing on him with a baseball bat (before and after Bieber loses consciousness), and finally emptying a rubbish bin over Bieber while he lies unconscious. 


Much to everyone's disappointment, the video is fake, with actors posing as both Bieber and Mayweather. That said, Bieber and Mayweather are in fact training together, posting videos of their training sessions on his Vine and Twitter accounts. The two have supposedly been friends for over a year, with Bieber often showing up at Mayweather's boxing matches. While there, Bieber and Mayweather have been known to take selfies which are posted on Bieber's Twitter account.


In June, Bieber proved his friendship and devotion to the boxer in June, when Mayweather's children were caught up in an car accident while the boxer was on the BET Awards red carpet. He reportedly received the news of the accident while on the phone to Bieber, and told him immediately. Bieber happened to be in the car not far from the crash site, and drove straight there; first checking that they were alright, and then personally driving them back to Mayweather. Perhaps it's a good thing the video was a fake.

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