Justin Bieber is worried that his phone, or rather its contents, might get him in some serious legal trouble – and not just in his vandalism case. In what has to be the ultimate PSA against over-sharing, the Biebs is reportedly nervous about the cops finding incriminating pictures and messages on his phone, which was just seized by police during a search of Bieber’s Calabasas home on Tuesday.

Justin Bieber, Live in Concert
All the believing in the world won't help Bieber, if the cops find something on his phone.

According to an anonymous source for TMZ, the police are interested in any text messages Justin may have sent after the alleged egging incident. They hope to find that the singer bragged about it to someone and use this to incriminate him. According to the gossip website, however, the pictures and messages on the phone might incriminate Bieber in more than a minor incident of vandalism.

Justin Bieber, Believe World Premiere
Vandalism charges may be the least of his worries. 

Given Bieber’s previous history with drugs, the singer is nervous that the cops might find references to illicit substances or, even worse – naked pictures. According to TMZ, Bieber should be in the clear on the drugs front, provided there’s no physical evidence. However, depending on their nature, the naked shots might be more of a problem – for Bieber’s reputation, if not his legal standing. He’s right to be worried – after all his antics in 2014, Justin Bieber’s reputation might not be able to survive another scandal. At least he could always opt for the “reformed sinner” line.

Justin Bieber, MuchMusic Awards
Bieber in 2011 - oh, how quickly things change.